Monday, September 8, 2008

big batch of photos pt. 2

1. Just realized that pt.1 was done in the opposite order (from nearly finished backwards)... This was the inkwash part. I may have previously shown this image before but now it is in a proper context of illustrating the process.
2. Next came the addition of coloured pieces of paper. In my thesis year, I abandoned using paint for painting and took up alternatives for colour placement. That was a good 4 years ago since I've started so I think it is time to move on.
3. The colour placement finished and the beginning of the inking part of the process, after the initial drawing, the inking is the most time consuming.
4. A detail of the inking process. 
5. with the right amount of cropping, I think this would've made for a nice drawing in its own right.
6. the piece JUST finished after a 11 hour inking session, I was almost proud of the hand cramp.

7. the finished piece, now in the private collection of R. Stanwick.

big batch of photos

1. This is close to the finished piece, unfortunately I didn't take any final piece photos before giving it to its intended recipient and the private collection of A. DeSilva, completed date is July 26th, 2008.
2. a detail of this near completed part of the process. Still some work left to do.
3. After the colour placement was completed.
4. This was the first piece in which I used inkwash and coloured paper to do the colour placement, I enjoyed how this piece turned out.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a batch of horrible cellphone photos

The following piece is nearing completion.  This is the beginning of the intricate linework for this body of work... it takes a long while for the ink to get it right. 

a few details... wow... my cellphone's camera is really not the greatest... YIKES!
This is a new piece that is on the table right now. I have about two or three more in this phase of inkwashing... I'm really new to inkwash, so I'm mixing it and testing it, leaving it for a day or two, looking at it again... finally getting it right for some, wrong for others.  This one, just felt right off the get go... hope this just keeps going!

WOW! these are some pretty horrible cellphone photos! I'll have to break out the camera and take some better photos... more to come! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

today's birthday

My original intent was to publish something on the day itself and I misplaced yesterday's paper from which this was taken.
"Today's Birthday (June 23, 2008) You're realistic about money, security and
everyday happenings. Your enormous tenacity and determination help you to
overcome all obstacles. You're very sensitive as a child, and need lots of
hugging and a sense of security. Privately, you can be quite playful. An
important choice awaits you this year. Choose wisely."

Personally, I have fun with horoscopes and rarely put much value in them. My own view of this year in particular is similar to Paul Pope's essay in Pulphope in which he describes an odd fatalistic view of what it meant to be 27 and that one can sometimes expect to pass on from it. So I'll be glad that the age itself passes that way I can get some more things done. In the meantime, I'm keeping away from large animals that can eat me, open bodies of water and dinosaurs, but that falls into the first category.... hmmm, alright, I'm staying away from volcanos then!

And what's this big decision I've got to make this year? Either way, my birthday was spent with family and friends and that made it pretty sweet and very enjoyable! Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday!
Cheers! Happy Days to 27 years!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

productive monday

The following images were completed in a bit of a flurry of inspiration beamed in from, well, I don't quite know where. Anyways, this is the completion of the colour phase of the process. At times, I purposely wanted the colours to get away from me, to have more play in the overall piece. Now comes the linework of the piece. It is kind of my most dreaded and yet favored part of the whole process. 

I like how the paper kind of "ghosts" on top of the inkwash below. There is more subtly than I had previously envisioned but I really like where it is going overall. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Que Sura!

It is rare to post or blog about my personal life, I try to keep it as art-related as possible. This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. I injured my drawing hand, had some kind of crappy personal stuff occur that bummed me out. BUT after the poop-start to the week, it finished itself off quite nicely! I got the mobility of my hand going again, my personal life is looking up and I've got myself a new family member as of Friday, yes, the 13th! Her name is Sura Mia Mamott (weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz.). She has restored the shine in this uncle's eyes. Okay, I'm done gushing, I'm just so elated! 

c'mon, cute, right?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

a step or two towards finishing

This past week, I've been held up from any real amount of progress due to a nasty bout of stomach flu.  Its not right, not right at all! I did manage to make it to the studio twice this past week, queasy and all. It is a new round of photos, I just purchased a new digital SLR for a new body of work ("heh") that will be making its presence known very soon. I have just the current workload to finish up and deliver before moving onwards. 

the inkwash stage, the camera doesn't quite pick up the slight tinge of blue in the black inkwash. The blue is from a dirty brush
More inkwash. It is kind of cathartic to mess up something so meticulously fretted upon
I thought the test piece of paper was kind of nice, in a messing-with-ink kind of way
I think this shows the scale nicely of the drawing on the floor. I sport a size 10 shoe, so it gives some idea of the size of the drawing being worked on.
okay, now I'm just getting snap happy, but I was really liking the colours that my worktable was filled with. 
There was a point in the process where you've got to sit back and consider how to go about the next move. "think, think, think....think, think, think"

After a while of "thinking", time to stop and have a grape break. Big thanks to Roz! Been feeling super better since then. Although, I'm going to hold off on showing more of the process, just because I want to show these ones finished . It is just a bit distracting. SO, I'll post more photos soon once I've finished at least one of these drawings. Here's to Honey Nut Cheerios!