Sunday, June 8, 2008

a step or two towards finishing

This past week, I've been held up from any real amount of progress due to a nasty bout of stomach flu.  Its not right, not right at all! I did manage to make it to the studio twice this past week, queasy and all. It is a new round of photos, I just purchased a new digital SLR for a new body of work ("heh") that will be making its presence known very soon. I have just the current workload to finish up and deliver before moving onwards. 

the inkwash stage, the camera doesn't quite pick up the slight tinge of blue in the black inkwash. The blue is from a dirty brush
More inkwash. It is kind of cathartic to mess up something so meticulously fretted upon
I thought the test piece of paper was kind of nice, in a messing-with-ink kind of way
I think this shows the scale nicely of the drawing on the floor. I sport a size 10 shoe, so it gives some idea of the size of the drawing being worked on.
okay, now I'm just getting snap happy, but I was really liking the colours that my worktable was filled with. 
There was a point in the process where you've got to sit back and consider how to go about the next move. "think, think, think....think, think, think"

After a while of "thinking", time to stop and have a grape break. Big thanks to Roz! Been feeling super better since then. Although, I'm going to hold off on showing more of the process, just because I want to show these ones finished . It is just a bit distracting. SO, I'll post more photos soon once I've finished at least one of these drawings. Here's to Honey Nut Cheerios! 

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