Thursday, April 26, 2007


"Back in 2000, the ADS (American Dialect Society) not only named the Word of the Year but chose also the Word of the Decade, the Word of the Century, and the Word of the Millenium. The Word of the Decade was the web, which beat among others the prefix e-, the combining form Franken-, ethnic cleansing, senior moment, and the slangy way "very" (as in way cool). The Word of the Century was jazz, an interesting choice, considering that it outmatched such weighty terms as DNA, media, melting pot, modern, and World War, though it certainly deserved to rout the other, rather lightweight nominees, cool, teenager, T-shirt, and teddy bear. The Word of the Millenium was the pronoun she, which did not exist before the year 1000 (it replaced heo, which was too often confused with he). A close runner-up was science."

p.223, The Life of Language

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

early exercise in consideration

Hello. Thank you for you persistent patience. Here are some re/discovered considerations found in our archive. These considerations date from the later quarter of 2006 and are based on mathematical geometrical curves, as well as naked people running down staircases

Monday, April 9, 2007

a little bit of a long while

We apologize for not posting anything in a week or two. Lots of goings-on as always but here is one of the specimens.
("untitled", April 2 2007, 10 inches square)

Looking through the archives of the library we re-discovered some specimen constellations drawn last year. We will post those later this week. Currently, there are many lines of research on the go sorry this post couldn't be longer.