Sunday, March 30, 2008

the curse of the little long while

Greetings, sorry that the blog hasn't been kept up-to-date, but that's alright. It is time to regain some continuity and contemporary from the the hiatus that I've been on.

What's new? A new year, a new season so here we go. I was recently included in the local "7 Inch Art Show", which was a pretty unique, two day event. If it becomes an annual thing, I will try a participate every year!

(these are two of the three that I submitted)

So, now I'm in the middle of moving from one studio space to another (across and down the hall). I'm excited to start working on a new phase of this blog, art-production and library-ing. The library lives on, very much so. In fact, here is two works, one of which will be in another show (with a publication) later this April. I'll take some photos/candids of the event. Here is what it looks like before framing and before I signed it.

For the publication side of it, there was an interview with Victoria Nikkel, very great conversation about the process, the thought of the theme with the work, etc... it was great. I'll have more about it as it comes about.

more sooner than later.
Cheers! Happy Days!

Ps. I'll be re-designing the blog to be more fit for my vision.