Monday, September 8, 2008

big batch of photos pt. 2

1. Just realized that pt.1 was done in the opposite order (from nearly finished backwards)... This was the inkwash part. I may have previously shown this image before but now it is in a proper context of illustrating the process.
2. Next came the addition of coloured pieces of paper. In my thesis year, I abandoned using paint for painting and took up alternatives for colour placement. That was a good 4 years ago since I've started so I think it is time to move on.
3. The colour placement finished and the beginning of the inking part of the process, after the initial drawing, the inking is the most time consuming.
4. A detail of the inking process. 
5. with the right amount of cropping, I think this would've made for a nice drawing in its own right.
6. the piece JUST finished after a 11 hour inking session, I was almost proud of the hand cramp.

7. the finished piece, now in the private collection of R. Stanwick.

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