Tuesday, June 24, 2008

today's birthday

My original intent was to publish something on the day itself and I misplaced yesterday's paper from which this was taken.
"Today's Birthday (June 23, 2008) You're realistic about money, security and
everyday happenings. Your enormous tenacity and determination help you to
overcome all obstacles. You're very sensitive as a child, and need lots of
hugging and a sense of security. Privately, you can be quite playful. An
important choice awaits you this year. Choose wisely."

Personally, I have fun with horoscopes and rarely put much value in them. My own view of this year in particular is similar to Paul Pope's essay in Pulphope in which he describes an odd fatalistic view of what it meant to be 27 and that one can sometimes expect to pass on from it. So I'll be glad that the age itself passes that way I can get some more things done. In the meantime, I'm keeping away from large animals that can eat me, open bodies of water and dinosaurs, but that falls into the first category.... hmmm, alright, I'm staying away from volcanos then!

And what's this big decision I've got to make this year? Either way, my birthday was spent with family and friends and that made it pretty sweet and very enjoyable! Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday!
Cheers! Happy Days to 27 years!

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Grumble Toy said...

Hey Dustin!
I can't believe that I missed your birthday!!!
Well, happy very belated birthday. I hope that you had a good one. :)
When are Chris and I going to see you again?