Friday, May 23, 2008

late nights at the bullfight

Here is the finished drawing for a large scale piece I just finished. Which took 10 + hours to complete the first phase, then comes the fun parts of placing colour followed by linework. Spending that much time in a dark room, enjoying the glow of a light table. Then the lights come on, can't help but start dancing the "happy dance"

revisiting the old with the new

Here are some new photos of ones previously taken with my camera phone with my camera. The camera itself is not the greatest but gets the job done.  Been working on a large piece that past few days, which are really late night to early mornings. Also, I have a solo show planned in 2009 that I'm going to start paintings for shortly. Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

move in may

Just finished moving from one studio space to another. It was a bit of a challenge to start up on new work right away after getting settled. One thing to mention is that when you organize something into a new system, you now have to remember that new system of organization and placement... needless to say that there has been some humorously frustrating moments of obvious-right-before-my-very-eyes lately.

Here is a bit of this and that I'm currently working on. Forgive the poor quality, I've been using my camera on my phone to take the photos, reminds me, I should keep my point and click stowed in my bag.


more photos as progress continues. Hopefully with better quality.