Thursday, July 10, 2008

a batch of horrible cellphone photos

The following piece is nearing completion.  This is the beginning of the intricate linework for this body of work... it takes a long while for the ink to get it right. 

a few details... wow... my cellphone's camera is really not the greatest... YIKES!
This is a new piece that is on the table right now. I have about two or three more in this phase of inkwashing... I'm really new to inkwash, so I'm mixing it and testing it, leaving it for a day or two, looking at it again... finally getting it right for some, wrong for others.  This one, just felt right off the get go... hope this just keeps going!

WOW! these are some pretty horrible cellphone photos! I'll have to break out the camera and take some better photos... more to come! Stay tuned!