Sunday, July 15, 2007

emergent properties

"Emergence is the process by means of which a number of divergent elements are synthesized and organized into a new form. As a concept it has been particularly prominent in evolutionary theory. However, it is also widely deployed in symbolic interactionism, which also aims to capture the processual and adaptive nature of social life. In the writings of both George Herbert Mead and Herbert Blumer the interaction of body, mind, self, and society constantly leads to emergence. From this point of view, society itself is an emergent, as are all social objects. can language be viewed in the same way? That is something that I am working on. Connecting to see if the dots point in this direction. I am conducting a dialogue with a fellow of great grasp of thought and ideas, which I will record and reproduce here to share any discoveries developed and discussed.
Been toiling away at the books lately. Will have images posted up to share soon!
Hope all is well,
D. White"